PlayBOX TV Player – Help

PlayBOX TV Player is designed with special focus on user-friendliness so its neat interface has only a few clearly labeled icons which will be detailed here, in the Help section.

TV Stations
When active (by default it is the main window), this tab displays three boxes:
– one showing the category of the TV channels – here you can select a category which when press will reveal all the channels available for that category;
– a second one – the Search box – where you can type the name of a certain channel you want to search for;
– a third box showing all the TV stations currently available for streaming with PlayBOX TV Player;

The main window also displays at the right side the player with its button-functions: the play/stop, add to favorites (star shaped button) and a volume controller.

Under this tab you will find:
– a Language box where you can select the language you want to use with this program;
– an ‘Automatically install update’ box which if checked does exactly what it says: it installs updates automatically every time they are available;
– an ‘Add TV station’ option – this allows you to enlarge the library of your TV channels by adding manually any other channel you want; you can do that by entering the name of a channel, the URL (link) of that channel and choosing a category in which you want to include that channel; after following these steps you simply click on the ‘Add’ button.

– ‘Edit TV Stations’ option – clicking on this button will prompt another window where you can edit any of the TV stations included in PlayBOX TV Player; The option allows you to quick search for a certain TV station you will then be able to edit.

There are distinct editable boxes for the name, URL and Category of the TV Stations where you can change the content of all of them.

To save any changes you have made using these editable boxes you must press ‘Save’.

To remove any TV station that you have selected, click on ‘Remove’.

– ‘Get Last TV Stations List’ – click on this button if you want to update the current list of your TV stations (the ones available with the program).